Dream about the future

October 22, 2021

The last two years were rough, 2020 and 2021 will be remembered as the years where everything stopped and accelerated at the same time.

The time we spend with others stopped as did the nights at super crowded bars, the moments were we didn’t care about hand sanitizing and the spontaneity of daily messy life. Everything became organized and planned, at least for the ones of us who were lucky enough to have a job that we could do from home and to depend on the life of hundreds of thousands of low-paid workers to take the risk for us. Sucks.

The things that accelerated are attached to technology. We migrated to our digital lives, for years tech companies have being building and trying to bring more people to these virtual spaces of frictionless consumption. Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google, and many more have realized the enormous power they have and the role they will play as the biggest corporations in the world. Apple and Microsoft worth almost 2.5 Trillion dollars at the moment of writing, to put that in perspective, only 4 countries have a bigger GDP than that.

So now that the media is full of negative tech coverage, books have being written about the dangers of big-tech and everything wrong and painful in the world seems to be the fault of a handful of engineers we need to stop and ask ourselves what is the next step. And the next step should never be burn things to the ground, that’s a childish reaction, and now more than ever we need to be adults, we need to change our systems, modernize our states and invent new ways to regulate and make accountable to all those companies that are just playing the capitalistic game.

I am still excited for the future, we are walking a path of unprecedented change, we are having god-like devices that just keep getting more capable but we are centralizing almost everything in shallow entertainment, we need to expand the capability of our phones to devices that provide help to diagnose diseases, we need modern engineering solutions to bring clean water to everyone, banking to everyone, internet to everyone. We need to dream again with a future full of posibilities and force billion and trillion-dollar companies to invest outside theIr space, personally, I like the idea of Google X investing in moonshots, but we need more of that, we need to think, really think, if the current system of shareholder value maximization over citizen protection is correct, maybe we need to have a limit of how big a corporation can be, maybe we need to tax better to all this companies and reinvest that money in education, and we definitely need to change our education system almost completely.

This will be the last of a small series of rants that I posted during this time on social media and that I’ll post here, the next posts are going to be based on the future I imagine and what I think are the technologies that could make those dreams come true; I’m taking self driving cars, cheap preventive healthcare, artificial assistants with skills to help us in everything we imagine and the dissolution of the border between our reality and the digital world called the metaverse by some.