A team or a family?

August 29, 2021

A team or a family?

In this entry I want to write about two books that sit on different sides of the street:

No Rules Rules

Lab Rats

Both interesting reads, No Rules Rules is a peek behind Netflix culture of ownership and adult decision making, I loved the description of working in a company of high effort for high returns and I think that treating employees like adults it’s so simple yet so hard to see it happening. You’re a team, not a family.

Lab Rats is a critique of that model of going fast and advocating for a simpler time where jobs were forever and expectations were different, where work is where your family is.

I like the idea of learning what you’re good at and understanding the current moment in the growing period that your company is going through and knowing when to step back for someone better to take your place, I hate the concept of loyalty in the workplace and I like to have good relationships with colleagues and leads knowing that your time together is limited and you’re there for making the best possible of it.

I think it should be in our minds to learn what we enjoy doing and companies need to understand what type of employees exist out there outside of job roles, we need better more informed HR departments that work closely with the teams and understand the industry to find the best people for the work despite a list of checkmarks.

As we need companies to do better we need employees to do better as well, we need to grow up and understand the system we are in if we are honest about our desire to change it. I think humans should have the right to pursue what they love but sometimes that doesn’t pay the bills, obsessing about only doing what we want can result in great careers but I have not heard anyone successful who hasn’t dealt with stress and unpleasant things in that path, at some point, I think we need to ask ourselves “Am I being childish?”. We also can’t fall into anxiety and/or depression every time we are faced with less than ideal situations, I know I did and do, I had to work hard to overcome that voice in my head asking me to fly every time something is hard to this day but it’s worth it and necessary if we want to grow.

So I’m on the “team” side of the discussion, How about you?