Coding in the cloud

The future of coding will happen in the cloud.

The Metaverse is going to create an unparalleled economic expansion

The metaverse could enable millions of creators to compose creativity by providing tools for easily building in top of each other and sharing the profits fairly.

Dream about the future

2020 and 2021 left us with a dark and dystopian idea of a future but we should be again dreaming with science and tech as positive forces and force regulation on them.

The importance of connecting people

Connecting people is messy but we still should do it, we should regulate and demand transparency but we shouldn't fall prey of the big media outlets wanting to go back to how things were when they were in control.

Culture and communication

Some words about the importance of culture and communication after reading The Culture Map.

A team or a family?

I would love to start seeing more companies that treat employees like adults instead of reckless kids who are going to take advantage of the company if they are not controlled.

Creating a small personal web with free tools

An inception post! If you're interested in the basic tools used to build this website read on.

Hello world

This is the first post in my blog and it's just an introduction about who I am and why I'm creating this space.